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If you’re looking for a robot vacuum for general cleaning the market is filled with many robot cleaners for you to choose from. However, the numbers drop considerably when you limit your search to those that can handle animal fur and hair. What make these machines special are their unique features which, in addition to being able to pick up the tiniest dust and hair particles, come with special HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Arrestance) filters that cater to allergens. While the best robot vacuums for pet hair are not the cheapest models, they provide superior cleaning abilities and performance that more than make up for the extra cost. 1. The BObsweep PetHair This robotic vacuum is one of the most well-known in the consumer market for scooping up pet fur and hair for a variety of reasons. It has a distinct TurboLift suction power which makes it highly efficient in picking up the tiniest of dust, dirt, hair and other forms of debris – including potential allergens. The BObsweep is also a multifaceted cleaning machine with a triple functionality i.e. it has the ability to sweep, vacuum and to mop surfaces all at the same time. This provides pet owners with extra convenience especially in circumstances where their floor has paw prints. It’s most amazing feature by far though is its Ultra-Violet lamp which can project strong U.V rays of up to 400 NM that not only sterilize the flooring surface but the air above it as well. Other great features of the BObsweep PetHair include: its large dustbin which can hold up to 1-liter of waste, its smart navigation system which easily detects when it’s low on charge and prompts the vacuum to make its way back to the charging station, the ability to control the cleaner through a remote control, and its Lithium X-AMPlified battery which can last up to 75 minutes per single charge. 2. iRobot Roomba 650 This robot vacuum is one of the best robotic cleaning assistants from the iRobot Corporation suitable for general cleaning as well as picking up tiny animal hairs and fur. It incorporates a three-step cleaning protocol i.e. agitation, brushing and suction which makes it very effective in removing any traces of pets in your home. The Roomba 650 also works on all floor types and can easily maneuver under the furniture, beds and other hard to reach areas in the home that pets can hide to eliminate any hairs that might be present. At just 3.6 inches tall no area is off-limits to the Roomba 650. Other great features that make this robovac stand out as an efficient pet hair remover include: its iAdapt responsive navigation that allows the vacuum to easily map out its position in a room and enable it to avoid plummeting down stairs or colliding with objects, its virtual wall technology which can restrict the device to clean only specific rooms, its programmable nature which allows users to schedule automatic cleaning for up to seven days when they’re away from the home, and its self charging feature that allows the device to return back to its charging station and re-charge itself when its power drops to below 15%.

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Best Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair (with photo)

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