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A Practical Guide in Choosing the Right Stroller and Car Seat Combo

If you’re soon expecting a newborn baby to be added to your family, one of the major equipments that you should consider looking into are baby travel systems. There are tons of options available for you to make travelling with your baby a more convenient and exciting one.

Well, to start with you probably are looking for a baby car seat that will fit your car and a stroller which will allow you to carry your little angel conveniently. The good thing is that with a stroller and car seat combo, you can never go wrong. Just imagine the convenience and efficiency that this two in one baby equipment can do for you.

When choosing the right one to purchase, there are several aspects that you will have to look upon before you even decide on spending your money on one of these travel systems. The most important aspect to consider is your very own lifestyle. Get a good look at what you really want to do from time to time with this new little addition to your family.

Do you love to travel a lot?

Where will you be going to and what activities will you engage with? These questions will help you get a good understanding on what type of travel system will best work for you and your baby.

Before you even look into the prices and other aspects, it’s essential that you take note of the various designs available for you to choose from together with the advantages and disadvantages of choosing a particular combo. Here are a few things for you to consider to let you capture what’s in it for you with these car seat-stroller combos.

  1. The Benefits

    You probably think that this new life with a new addition to you family is somewhat challenging especially if you are expecting your first born child where we all know you are still in the learning process.

    Well, as long as you are equipped with the right information and the important things you need to assist you in making life easier for you and your little angel, you will definitely enjoy every single day you spend with your baby. This is why these travel systems are created. If you’re aiming to be mobile together with your newborn, then you will have to obtain this key system to help you out.

  2. A Time Saver

    For every parent, time is of the essence. Definitely you want to ensure that your baby is comfortable when you go from one place to another. With this combo option you can easily switch from having the baby placed on a car seat while driving your car and then start your leisure walking with a stroller.

    Your baby is not only comfortable on your way to your destination but is buckled safely wherever you go without having to waste more time.

  3. A Baby Cry Saver

    As parents, you should understand how important sleeping is for your baby. To ensure that your newborn gets enough sleep even when traveling, you have to get hold of such baby equipment that can ensure your child’s comfort and with the right travel system, you can seamlessly transfer your baby to the stroller without having to wake up the little angel. Just imagine the convenience this feature can give you and your child when traveling.

  4. A Money Saver

    Knowing the status of our economy nowadays, anything that saves us money is a great deal, right? Since this is a car seat-stroller combo, you can assure yourself that what you’re getting has dual functions of a seat and a stroller that’s usually sold separately. You can absolutely find discounts for this particular baby equipment either online or at various department stores.

  5. A Space Saver

    There is nothing more amazing about this travel system as you don’t have to carry along with you a separate stroller and a car seat for your baby just so you can travel. This time around no bulky equipment that occupies most of the space on your car. Since what you will be bringing is just the stroller frame and the seat of your baby inside the car, you can definitely have more family members fit in your car.

Travel System for Babies – What Is It Composed Of

  • The Frame

    You can find various designs for frames which vary from ones built with lightweight materials to make it easier to carry for newborns and those heavy duty ones which can carry older kids up to five years old. Your choice depends on what is appropriate for your child and lifestyle.

  • The Seat for Cars

    What you’ll want is a seat that will fit in almost all cars. There are seats for your baby that is designed especially for this feature where it easily snaps to the car and can easily be attached to the stroller frame as well.

  • The Base

    This is the part of the system that stays inside the car; all you need to do is to ensure that it easily fits and snaps to the seat for convenience.

  • The Seat for Strollers

    This seat should easily fit to the frame of your carrier but functions separately. The seat is actually bigger and can be used for a longer period of time until your child is able to walk. Reclining functionality is one of the most popular features of this seat.

  • The Bassinet

    This is actually one of those extra things you can opt for in a travel system. You can actually use this for your baby for a limited time starting from three months old up to six months old.

Discover the Styles of a Travel System for Baby

You’ll find just a few styles available for this type of baby equipment but you can definitely one that suits you and your baby.

Jogger Stroller – This style is means for those who would love to jog and explore the terrains with their babies. Through its air-filled wheels, you get to stroll with your baby at any particular type of pathway.

3-Wheel Stroller – Turning the stroller in one hand is easier with this style which makes it an easy maneuver option.

4-Wheel Stroller – This is a more sturdy option as compared to the other two because of its four wheels.

Double Stroller and Car Seat – This is an option for those parents who have twins.

With this information, you should be able to get an idea on what you actually need to acquire for your little ones. What is important is that you keep them safe and comfortable whenever you are traveling. Never compromise the safety of your kids on or off the road.

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